Insolvency Advice

Whether you are looking to save your company from financial difficulties, close a business, or find financial support and advice on a personal basis, our experienced team will provide the professional advice you need.

Company Insolvency Services

The term “Insolvency Services” has negative connotations, but, often, if company directors take professional advice from a licensed insolvency practitioner early enough, a solution could be found to the problems at hand and a formal insolvency process be avoided. Here at Corporate Financial Solutions, we always aim, in the first instance, to fully understand your business before discussing with you plans that could be implemented to help you solve the financial problems that your Company is facing.

If the problem is a temporary short term cash flow issue, we have excellent contacts with all the high-street banks and, if they are not able to assist or offer appropriate backing, we work with over 200 asset backed lenders who can arrange for additional finance for your Company to help you work through the financial problems being suffered. Clearly each individual situation is unique and a solution is not a one size fits all which is why we will always try and understand how your business operates on a day to day basis. All our Partner are vastly experienced and are well versed in finding solutions for Company’s and businesses that are in financial difficulty. For longer term cash flow problems, we can still assist you and your business with our experience and skills. As Directors and stakeholders, you will also likely need professional support to make sure that you are undertaking your duties as a director. We can provide you with the appropriate professional advice that you need to ensure that you are compliant with your own fiduciary and statutory duties.

Although we are qualified Insolvency Practitioners by title, and are experienced in all aspects of formal insolvency procedures, most our work is helping businesses circumnavigate formal insolvency procedures to ensure that the business continues in its current form. The formal assignments that we use regularly to help directors and stakeholders includes compulsory liquidations, voluntary liquidations and Administrations and these should, if possible, always be the last resort to resolve the issues at hand.


Company Liquidation Services

Voluntary Liquidation

Company liquidation refers to the closing down of a company. A voluntary liquidation procedure can be used to close either a solvent or insolvent company. Members Voluntary Liquidation is used where the company is solvent and is usually being wound up for the benefit of its shareholders. Where a company is insolvent, a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation procedure is used and shareholders and creditors will appoint a liquidator to wind down the Company’s affairs. Administration is also used for insolvent companies and usually where there is the possibility of rescuing all or part of a business.


Compulsory Liquidation

Companies facing a compulsory liquidation are usually in serious financial trouble. A Company is wound up via court proceedings and is usually the result of a creditor petitioning the Court to conclude a Company’s trading affairs. If your company is facing compulsory liquidation, it is important to seek advice immediately. Call us for an initial consultation which will be provided free of charge.


Services for Individuals & Directors Worried About Personal Debt Problems

Are you struggling with personal debt, individual business debt or you are a company director and are worried about director’s liabilities against your business debt?

It is crucial that you understand your personal debt liabilities. Call us for advice, we are experienced in dealing with company and personal debt. Initial advice is free and we can explain exactly what your director’s responsibilities are.

If you are a trading individual, we can provide free confidential advice and explain the financial options that are open to you.


Free Advice & Consultations

Our team offers free advice and no obligation consultations. To find out more please call us on 0115 838 7330 or 0207 458 4249, email or fill in our enquiry form. Our qualified team will be able to answer all your questions.


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