Businesses for Sale

Here at CFS, we are frequently appointed over a wide range of companies providing opportunities for external investors. The businesses that we advertise for sale on our website as going concern sales usually have to be sold within a very limited time frame, which is why it is important to frequently check this page on our site to see what new appointments and opportunities have taken place.

We will usually provide a detailed sales memorandum providing the necessary information to enable any prospective investor to decide whether or not to pursue an interest in a business. This will be supported by a detailed inventory of assets available for acquisition as well as details of any assets held on finance agreements. It will also provide sufficient initial information to enable you to determine whether you have an interest in a particular company.

As a general guide, any sale by way of going concern, will effectively be a sale of the company’s assets, with the debt and liabilities staying with the company in administration. Such a sale will be subject to the Transfer of Undertaking Protection Regulations, and effectively all staff at the date of the sale will transfer automatically across the purchaser.

Any interested party will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which we will forward to you, once you have registered an interest in a particular company.

As a general guide, the agreed sales consideration will need to be paid in full on the day of completion.

For further details, please contact either Richard Saville or Jill Howsam on 0115 838 7330

Businesses for Sale