What Powers do Bailiffs Have?

  • Bailiffs are used by creditors in an attempt to prompt payment from the debtor
  • Bailiffs have a range of powers that will vary from case to case and will be dependant upon the type of creditor that has provided them with instruction to recover their debt.
  • Ignoring and legal or threatening letters that are proposing to make use of a bailiff to recover their debt could potentially incur further cost and could, ultimately, lead to further action being taken that could then make the situation worse.

Why are bailiffs used?

If a Company owes money to a creditor(s), then instructing bailiffs or debt collection agencies are one of many actions that creditors utilise in an effort to try and recover outstanding sums.  A bailiff could ultimately attend the Company’s premises and take away assets to the value of the debt owed, which could, dependant upon the assets seized, further impact upon your business and its ability to continue trading.

Bailiffs do have to abide by certain rules and guidelines and they must follow these.

There are 4 types of bailiffs:

  • Private bailiff
  • County Court bailiff
  • High Court enforcement officer
  • Magistrates’ Court bailiff

We would always advise not to let any bailiffs through the door of your property.  Bailiffs should not use threatening behaviour to force their way in or in an attempt to make you settle the debt owed.  They are, like us, heavily regulated and in the event that you should feel threatened or intimidated, we would encourage you in the first instance to speak with their office and make your concerns known.  If you feel uncomfortable in doing this, you could call one of the staff here at Corporate Financial Solutions and we will see if  we can help you.  If the bailiffs are not invited into your property or are able to gain access, then further issues may arise.

How CFS Can Help

If you are receiving letters of calls threatening legal action and the use of bailiffs, it can be difficult to know who you can rely upon for advice.  An Insolvency Practitioner is a good point of contact to help both individual and companies in such situations and the sooner they become involved the better chance they have of helping you and avoiding further recovery actions by bailiffs and creditors alike.

Here at Corporate Financial Solutions, we  will help you free of charge.  If you feel threatened or are facing any legal action for the recovery of outstanding debts by one of your creditors, call us today, we will be able to provide you with appropriate advice.

As with all of our clients, we provide initial advice free of charge and only when a matter becomes a formal event do we then discuss a fee structure.  The sooner you call, the better chance we will have of helping you out of what is a stressful time.