Insolvency Services for Accountants and Solicitors

We work closely with accountants and solicitors, to provide a service that can be called upon at any time to discuss your client’s needs, providing accurate advice and if at all possible, with the avoidance of a formal insolvency procedure. 

How We Work With Accountants and Solicitors

  • Avoid the need to employ in-house insolvency practitioners
  • Free initial advice and guidance
  • Insolvency advice and help is just a phone call away
  • Fixed up front fees for all insolvency and rescue work required
  • Low insolvency fees
  • UK wide support
  • We take away your headache

Insolvency Accountants UK

What is included in the services provided?

By utilising our expertise and services, it is comparable to having an in-house insolvency department within your own firm.  We will quickly attend to any meeting required and all initial advice and guidance is provided free of charge and of course, confidentially.

By attending to your requests promptly, as if we were a division of your firm, we will quickly analyse the issues at hand and report to both you and the client as to what options are available and the outcomes that could be achieved.

One of our licensed insolvency practitioners will always be the one providing the advice which will give both you and the client the assurance that you need that the detail being provided is up date, beneficial and, above all, in the clients’ best interests.

UK Wide Service
If you would like to meet to discuss how we can work with you, we can either travel to meet you at a mutually convenient place, or get together at our offices in London, Nottingham, Derby and Stoke.

Here at Corporate Financial Solutions we work purely on formal insolvency and restructuring matters.  We do not have a general practice and therefore do not compete with the network of accountants, and solicitors, that we continue to support.

Having being acknowledged to have some of the lowest professional fees in the industry, we continue to be called upon by accountants throughout the UK to help with the client’s needs.

    Would You Like More Information?

    Requested a callback by sending your details below and a member of the team will get back to you. Or call us on 0800 470 1120

    Are there any further benefits to being part of your Professional Support Services Network?

    Given that you have access to an Insolvency Practitioner at will, the ability to service your clients’ needs in a prompt and professional manner is assured.

    We will always work closely the with accountants and solicitors who refer their clients’ to us for consultation and wherever possible, provide for their continued services if a formal insolvency event is required.  We will, wherever possible, ensure that the client remains your client after the services that we have provided have been concluded.

    By having CFS Restructuring LLP as part of your professional network, it saves researching topics and issues at length to ensure that the correct advice is being provided.

    How much does it cost to be part of the Professional Support Services Network?

    We will never charge any fees to a client that is referred to us by one of our preferred partners.  Given the nature of the work with which we are involved, a client who could be suffering from financial difficulty should not be put under pressure to pay professional fees to seek initial advice.  All of our guidance and initial consultation is provided free of charge.

    In the event that a formal procedure is required, or our continued involvement is needed, we will always provide details of our costs at the onset.  These are always provided in writing.

    By having some of the lowest fees in the industry, we are useful to your clients when they have provided personal guarantees to creditors.

    Why should we join the CFS Restructuring LLP Professional Support Network?

    • We offer a fast reliable service.
    • We are client focused
    • We have a broad network of professionals and often have contacts with numerous business owners who might, in certain circumstances, provide the necessary opportunity to meet your clients’ needs.
    • We have offices in London and the Midlands and cover the whole of the United Kingdom.
    • All initial advice and guidance is provided free of charge.
    • We ensure as much of the work to be undertaken, if any, is referred back the professional who introduced the client.
    • All advice given is provided so by a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner