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Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

Our Nottingham Office is located in the centre of Nottingham and our licensed insolvency practitioners are on call to provide a full range of business recovery, liquidation and insolvency services, including Company Administration, Creditors Voluntary Liquidation and Members Voluntary Liquidation. We advise all types of companies and businesses, from sole traders to, single director shareholder Companies to large national corporations and everything in between.

Is Your Business Struggling with Financial Issues?

Insolvency advice sounds drastic, but the reality is, if you ask for advice as soon as your business starts struggling with financial issues, the more likely you are to find a positive solution.

Insolvency Advice and Liquidation Advice

If you are looking for advice about company liquidation or insolvency, please contact us, our experienced insolvency practitioners are happy to talk to you and provide free initial consultations.

Pre Pack Administration Services

We are licensed to handle Pre Pack Administrations and can provide your board of directors with professional advice and determine whether a pre-packed sale is appropriate. For a full explanation of Pre Pack Administration and to determine if a Pre Pack sale is viable, visit our Pre-pack Administration page, or call for free, no obligation advice.

Restructuring or Closing a Company

If you are thinking about restructuring your Company, or are concerned about its financial position or simply want to discuss how you can close your Company, then our highly experienced licensed insolvency practitioners are on call to help you.

Closing a Company, even a solvent one through a members’ voluntary liquidation, can be a complex matter, especially when considering the tax implications for shareholders.  It is absolutely vital that before you take any steps in this regard, that you take appropriate professional advice.

Common Insolvency Procedures

The most common insolvency procedures are Administration (including pre-pack), Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) and Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL).  Our licensed insolvency practitioners have over 100 years combined experience and have dealt with Companies of all sizes across a breadth of various industries.  We have the necessary experience to help when restructuring, refinancing or a formal insolvency event if it is required.

Competitive Insolvency & Company Liquidation Fees

We are acknowledged as having some of the lowest professional insolvency and liquidation fees in the industry and we are therefore able to carry out any formal assignments on a cost efficient basis.  We can help you close your company, through a members’ voluntary liquidation, from as little as £2,000, or if your Company finds itself insolvent, then we can undertake a creditors voluntary liquidation on a cost efficient basis.  All of our fees will be agreed in writing and in advance of any formal assignment commencing.

HMRC Pressure

If you are under pressure from HMRC, your creditors or you’ve received a winding up petition and you feel that your Company might be insolvent, then contact one of our licensed insolvency practitioners today for free confidential advice.

The earlier we are contacted, the more time we have to try and avert formal insolvency proceedings and to help you prevent the closure of your Company.

Independent Insolvency Practitioners

We are one of the country’s largest firms of independent licensed insolvency practitioners. We have been serving the business community since 1978 as individuals and have offices in Nottingham and London, providing us with the opportunity to cover the whole of the UK. Our aim is to deliver a range of business restructuring and insolvency services that you would normally expect to find from the larger national firms but delivered to you by our licensed insolvency practitioners, providing a personal service and value for money, what you would come to expect from a local practice.

Our expertise ensures we have a corporate understanding that can provide you with the advice needed across business rescue and restructuring. Our rates are competitive and we provide unrivalled customer care. We attract clients with our professional abilities and our referrers keep introducing us to their clients because we’re good at what we do.

So what sets us apart from the other licensed insolvency practitioners

  1. More than just an Insolvency Practitioner… At Corporate Financial Solutions our philosophy is built around adding value. This does involve a lot more than doing the mainstream formal insolvency procedures such as Administration, Creditors Voluntary Liquidation and Members Voluntary Liquidation. First and foremost, it is about listening to your concerns and being there as a support when you are probably needing it most, when your Company is likely to be under financial pressure. Our aim, on each and every occasion that we are asked to review and advise upon a Company’s affairs, is to see if the business can be saved. We offer so much more than formal insolvency procedures, our licensed insolvency practitioners are well versed in business rescue and can, if appropriate, provide introductions to finance providers and corporate finance teams with whom we have worked for many years to help you save your business. We will work with you, in partnership, to help you and your business achieve their objectives.
  2. We are part of the business community… We understand local issues and local business communities because we are part of them ourselves. Our Licensed Insolvency Practitioners have all worked for the larger international practices and we understand, as business owners, what it means to be part of the local business community and what it provides you with. Although we are located in city centre locations, our positioning provides us with a platform to work across the hole of the United Kingdom. Our Licensed Insolvency Practitioners are always on call to bring their experience and high quality service to your business when it is required. Given that we understand all of the issues being faced in times of financial difficulty, we will always provide our initial advice and consultation free of charge. Only when we are required on a formal matter will we discuss fees with you, all of which will also be agreed in writing.
  3. Supporting business growth…Our own business continues to grow as we have helped our clients. Some Companies and businesses we have been successful in helping avoid a formal insolvency procedure, whilst those that were not in a position to be saved from such a position, we have ensured the best possible outcome has been achieved. As we have seen thousands of clients over the years, we understand the challenges that are being faced on a daily basis. We want to help you and your business which is why we have a number of service offerings that we can access outside of the mainstream insolvency functions, all of which are designed to help you overcome the issues being faced with your business.

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