Business Restructuring

Where you have a successful business, but one that perhaps has a subsidiary or division that is causing problems, or simply believe that doing things differently could improve profitability, then we are extremely well placed to help you with this. We can advise and help you with any employee issues that may arise out of restructuring, assist with providing any new finance required and help you implement the restructuring plan.

Whilst we are vastly experienced insolvency practitioners we are also business owners. We have the distinct advantage of not only having spent many many years looking at other companies’ financial problems, but those same years running our own business. We therefore fully understand all of the entrepreneurial, commercial, financial and administrative issues involved in running a successful business.

Company Restructuring

This might include, but not limited to;

  • The restructure of the Company or Group via Corporate Simplification.
  • Solvent Liquidation, being a Members Voluntary Liquidation or S110 Arrangement.
  • Or a managed exit by the current board of shareholders.

Members Voluntary Liquidation

You can read a more in depth note about Members Voluntary Liquidation here. People often associate the word liquidation with Companies that are insolvent and are unable to pay their debts. However, if the circumstances are right, the closure of a solvent Company via liquidation procedure can provide many benefits.

Corporate simplification

A group, over time, may have become more complex as it has naturally grown, adding further business which it has acquired through acquisitions, or mergers, and could have led to the group’s overall structure becoming complex.

We have worked on many assignments in the past with a view of simplifying a corporate structure, ensuring that where possible, tax efficiencies are identified. The implementation of business restructuring in a lot of assignments does include members’ voluntary liquidations, being solvent processes as discussed above, or S110 Agreements, more detail of which can be read here.

Managed exits

When a company has come to the end of its useful life we can assist in providing appropriate advice to wind down the business with a view to maximising the return to stakeholders and, at the same time, reducing any latent risks.

All initial advice and guidance is provided free of charge.

We have offices in London, Nottingham and Derby, so we are well placed to support businesses UK wide. We are happy to travel to meet you at a convenient location.

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