Insolvency Practitioners Local to Leicester and Loughborough

Our licensed, experienced Insolvency Practitioners have supported hundreds of local businesses in the north midlands area. We are located close to Leicester and Loughborough and understand the local business landscape.

Business Rescue and Turnaround Services

Sometimes business owners or company directors can find themselves experiencing cash flow or financial problems and it can be difficult to see the best way forward. Our practitioners will have experience of the situation that you find yourself in and will advise you of the best course of action.

We understand that your business is unique and we therefore take the time to understand your business and put a tailored plan in place, allowing you to move forward. Our head office is based in the East Midlands we have staff based in the Leicester and Loughborough areas who will be willing to meet with you to discuss your Company’s affairs.

Company Liquidation and Insolvency Services

Our first priority is always to try and rescue your business. This could be fairly straightforward, advising on ways to improve cash flow, handle company debts and implement accounting practices.

It may be the case that the underlying business can be saved, but the company cannot. There are business rescue options available to the company directors, including Company Voluntary Liquidation and Company Administration.

If the business is found to be insolvent and cannot carry on trading and the company needs to be liquidated, we can advise the most appropriate company liquidation procedure.

Competitive Insolvency & Liquidation Fees and Free Initial Consultations

These procedures can only be implemented by licensed insolvency practitioners. We offer free initial consultations and competitive insolvency fees to local businesses around Leicester and Loughborough.

Personal Debt Problems

If you are local to Leicester or Loughborough and are worried about personal debt, we can offer help and advice. For example, you may have HMRC tax debts, where you have fallen into arrears, or owe money on a credit card or loan that you cannot pay.

As licensed insolvency practitioners we can give advice on bankruptcy issues and manage Individual Voluntary Arrangements, IVA, where appropriate.

We Have Offices in The Midlands and London – Supporting Businesses UK Wide

From our Midlands office in the city of Nottingham we are able to quickly support business owners in the midlands and north, we are happy to travel to meet with you.

Call for free initial help and advice.

Insolvency Practitioners Local to Leicester and Loughborough