Licenced Insolvency Practitioners Local to Chesterfield & Sheffield

CFS Insolvency Practitioners are a local independent practice located close to Chesterfield and Sheffield. Our experienced practitioners have helped hundreds of local business with financial problems over the years. Company Directors and business owners faced with financial worries can find it difficult to decide on the best way forward. Getting advice from an experienced insolvency practitioner, sooner, rather than later can be the difference between rescuing your business or watching it fail.

Company Liquidation and Insolvency Services

We are licensed to handle liquidation and insolvency procedures, where a company needs to be closed, whether trading solvent or insolvent. However, where a business is struggling, we will always try to rescue the business first. We give free initial consultations and can offer local businesses some of the lowest business rescue, insolvency and liquidation fees in the country.

Here is a summary of the services that we provide:

Business Rescue & Turnaround

Your business may be experiencing cash flow and debt problems, which means it may be showing the initial signs of insolvency. The solution may be as simple as taking control of cash flow and implementing stricter accounting procedures, or it may be more complex. Although they sound rather final, we can implement Company Administration or a company liquidation process such as Creditors Voluntary Liquidation to rescue the business and allow it to carry on. If necessary, we can also manage compulsory liquidations.

Company Insolvency Services and Company Liquidations

As licensed insolvency practitioners we provide a full range of insolvency and liquidation services to local companies, in and around Sheffield and Chesterfield. As touched on above, these can be compulsory or voluntary liquidations for solvent or insolvent companies.

Company Debt Problems

  • VAT arrears
  • PAYE arrears
  • Problems paying creditors
  • HMRC debt

We can advise on the best way to deal with company debt issues. If you have concerns about any of the above, please contact us for free initial advice.

If you are a company director and are looking to liquidate your company or you are worried that your business may be insolvent, please don’t hesitate to call us for help.

Bankruptcy Services and Individual Voluntary Arrangements

For individuals who are experiencing debt problems we can give help and advice regarding personal bankruptcy and taking control of your debts with an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, known as an IVA.

We Have Offices in the Midlands and London – Supporting Businesses UK Wide

From our Midlands office in the city of Nottingham we are able to quickly support business owners in the midlands and north, we are happy to travel to meet with you.

Licenced Insolvency Practitioners Local to Chesterfield & Sheffield