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We are independent, licensed insolvency practitioners with offices in London and the Midlands, licensed to handle Company Liquidations, Administrations, Voluntary and Compulsory Insolvency Procedures. We work with business owners throughout the UK, who’s businesses may be experiencing financial pressures.

Our experienced team of insolvency practitioners are committed to finding solutions for businesses and individuals in financial difficulty. We provide support for businesses of all sizes, in a range of business sectors, all across the UK. Whatever your business, whatever your debt problems, we can help. Our professional advisors have extensive experience from working at large, international insolvency practices. We have a wide range of experiences across a variety of business sectors – and as owners and managers of our own business too, we understand the pressures and concerns you may have.

Insolvency Services & Company Liquidation

UK Wide Support from Our London & Midlands Offices

Company Liquidation for London 

Company Liquidation

We are licensed to handle the company liquidation process. If your company has serious financial difficulties, or you wish to close a company, call for your free no obligation consultation.

Corporate Insolvency for London Companies

Corporate Insolvency

Are you are struggling to manage your business debts, or are under pressure from your suppliers, HMRC or your bank? The sooner you seek advice the better the outcome for your business.

Business Rescue Services for London Businesses

Business Rescue

Rescue and turnaround solutions to your company’s debt problems. Positive effective strategic advice for directors, allowing you to retain control of your business. Call for free advice.

Company Liquidation – Closing a Company

If you have reached the regrettable conclusion, that your company’s financial problems are so great, that the only option is to close it down, then before actually doing so, please give us call – we may still be able to help salvage something for you. In the event that the only option is to liquidate the company, then we will advise you on all of the issues that you need to be aware of, both statutory, regulatory and commercially. Once you formally instruct us to deal with the liquidation of your company, we will deal with every aspect of that process, including dealing with creditors, HMRC, retention of title issues, valuation of assets, realisation of assets and all of the relevant procedures to ensure that the matter is dealt with in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We can also advise you on how best to deal with any personal guarantees that you may have given.
>> more information about liquidating your company

Pre Pack Administration & Company Administration

The company administration process is now fairly well known as one of the most effective ways of allowing a company to either trade out of its current financial difficulties, or to allow some kind of restructuring. The legislation is fairly complex, although here at CFS we are extremely experienced in both the basic administration process and also that of the pre-pack administration process. We are licensed to handle pre pack administrations and can provide your board of directors with professional advice and determine whether a pre-packed sale is appropriate. We work alongside a large number of banks and other financial institutions and are well connected therefore in helping you through this process. From our offices in London and the Midlands we are well placed to support businesses through complex pre pack administrations.
>> more information about Company Administration
>> more information about Pre Pack Administration

Business Rescue and Turnaround

The secret to effecting a successful rescue and turnaround of any company, is first recognising that it has some issues and secondly contacting us as soon as you are aware of these, in order to allow the time to review in detail all of the current and likely future issues, and to consider all options for a successful rescue and turnaround. Our partners are vastly experienced in business rescue and turnaround assignments and we do ourselves, running our own business, totally understand the pressures directors can face.
>> more information about business rescue and turnaround

Pressure from HMRC or Creditors

As soon as you are aware that you have a problem in paying HMRC or any creditor, we would advise that you contact us as soon as possible. The more time we have to understand your company’s financial/cash flow problems, the more likely it is that we will be able to help you find a solution. This may well be by negotiating time to pay on your behalf, whilst your cash flow improves, or possibly even looking to help you raise new capital or refinance your business. In our experience, doing nothing, only usually leads to an escalation of the current financial difficulties.
>> more information about coping with creditor pressure
>> more information about dealing with HMRC problems

Voluntary and Compulsory Company Liquidation Procedures

Liquidation is perhaps the most common form of insolvency procedure. Effectively there are three types of liquidation:

  • Members’ voluntary liquidation – this process is used for solvent companies and is often used as a method of distributing capital in a tax efficient manner
  • Creditors’ voluntary liquidation – the most common type of insolvency, effectively used where a company ceases to trade due to its liabilities being considerably greater than its assets.
  • Compulsory liquidation – where a company is wound up through the courts – usually following a winding up petition issued by HMRC or a creditor.

Cash Flow Problems

This can cover a multitude of issues – its therefore difficult providing a brief synopsis of solutions. What we can say, is that there is probably no situation that we have yet to come across that we haven’t already dealt with. There are many reasons for causing cash flow difficulties. All we can suggest, is that, much like with business rescue and turnaround, the sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start working on your problems and finding you the relevant solution to whatever is causing your financial difficulties.
>> more information about dealing with cash flow problems

Company Restructuring

Whilst we are vastly experienced insolvency practitioners we are also business owners. We have the distinct advantage of not only having spent many many years looking at other companies’ financial problems, but those same years running our own business. We therefore fully understand all of the entrepreneurial, commercial, financial and administrative issues involved in running a successful business. Where you have a successful business, but one that perhaps has a subsidiary or division that is causing problems, or simply believe that doing things differently could improve profitability, then we are extremely well placed to help you with this. We can advise and help you with any employee issues that may arise out of restructuring, assist with providing any new finance required and help you implement the restructuring plan.
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Why Choose CFS?

  • Licensed to handle Company Liquidations, Administrations and Insolvency Procedures
  • Experienced team
  • We take time to understand your business
  • We put your business first
  • We are committed to finding positive solutions for your business
  • We have helped hundreds of businesses
  • Free initial consultations
  • We will travel to meet at a location convenient to you

How We Work With You
CFS will work closely with you to provide advice that is thorough, straightforward and in the best possible interests of your stakeholders – whatever your situation. Giving you the ability to make good judgements on what is best for you and your business.

Free Advice & Competitive Professional Rates
Our professional rates are amongst the lowest in the industry too, ensuring that the best advice is within your reach. Simply get in touch for free, no-obligation advice today.

We Have Offices in London and The Midlands – Supporting Businesses UK Wide

The city of London is a busy centre for business, we are able to support London businesses quickly when help is needed from our London office, which is easy to travel to, or we can travel to meet at a convenient location.

From our Midlands office in the city of Nottingham we are able to quickly support business owners in the midlands and north, again we are happy to travel to meet with you. For more details about our insolvency and liquidation services in Nottingham, visit our Nottingham office page.

Insolvency Services for Accountants, Solicitors and other Professional Firms
CFS Restructuring LLP provide support services to accountants and other professional firms throughout the UK that require assistance or knowledge for their own clients where a formal insolvency event might be a requirement. For more information click here.


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