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Budget 2018 – Impact on Insolvency Procedures

The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced in this year’s budget, that HM Revenue & Customs will once again become a preferential creditor in formal insolvency procedures. HM Revenue & Customs lost their preferential status in 2003 […]

Brexit Uncertainty Impact on UK Businesses

We need to end this uncertainty surrounding Brexit as quickly as possible, stop the short term profiteering and negotiate a deal that suits the UK and our former formal, but still to be, trade partners.

Well […]

Services for Accountants

When a business encounters financial problems it is often the accountant that is the first port of call, or it may be the accountant or bookkeeper that realises that a problem is developing.

As insolvency practitioners […]

Important Changes to Tax Legislation Regarding Entrepreneurs’ Relief..

In yet another attempt by the Government to increase its revenues, the latest scheme being promoted is a change in tax rules concerning the availability of Entrepreneurs’ relief, which many tax experts believe will be […]