Bounce Back and CBILS Loans

Are you worried or struggling to repay a Bounce back or CBILS loan? It seems a fair while ago since lockdown and the immediate consequences of those times. The effects though are still prevalent in the business world, with many businesses now facing difficulties in making repayments on Government support loans taken out in the […]

HMRC Preferential Status Restored

The status of HM Revenue & Customs as a preferential creditor has now been restored following legislation enacted in the Finance Bill 2020. This particular aspect of the Finance Bill became effective from 1 December 2020. For many years prior to this, HMRC had simply been ranked as an ordinary unsecured creditor, ranking equally with […]

Briefing Note Entrepreneurs’ Relief

Budget March 2020 As you are aware, the Chancellor will be delivering his first post Brexit budget on 11 March 2020. We understand from various discussions that we have had recently with reasonably well informed individuals that there is the very real possibility that the Government will look to reduce the limit for Entrepreneurs’ Relief […]

Services for Accountants

When a business encounters financial problems it is often the accountant that is the first port of call, or it may be the accountant or bookkeeper that realises that a problem is developing. As insolvency practitioners for accountants, who will often need our services to support their clients when a serious financial problem arises. One […]

Important Changes to Tax Legislation Regarding Entrepreneurs’ Relief..

In yet another attempt by the Government to increase its revenues, the latest scheme being promoted is a change in tax rules concerning the availability of Entrepreneurs’ relief, which many tax experts believe will be effective from 6 April 2016. The trend of tackling tax avoidance schemes seems to be a continuing theme with new […]