Placing a company into Administration

Directors running limited companies that have financial difficulties are usually more than sufficiently stressed out, without the worry of having to learn all about the Administration process. Although fairly complex, we have set out below a summary of the key issues that we are regularly asked together with our reasonably simplified explanations. What is the […]

Questions Frequently Asked by Company Directors

Are directors responsible for the company’s debts? The simple answer is – NO. The only time that a director will become liable for the company’s debts is where the director has given the creditor a personal guarantee in relation to that debt and that creditor receives less than 100p in the pound from the insolvency. […]

Important Changes to Tax Legislation Regarding Entrepreneurs’ Relief..

In yet another attempt by the Government to increase its revenues, the latest scheme being promoted is a change in tax rules concerning the availability of Entrepreneurs’ relief, which many tax experts believe will be effective from 6 April 2016. The trend of tackling tax avoidance schemes seems to be a continuing theme with new […]